Bierer Meters 81280

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The 81280 is a unique tool in that it may be used as a?conventional phasing meter, or the meter probe may be used as a stand-alone voltage detector on primary or secondary voltages or capacitive test points.

The 81280 has the following features:

Can be used as a Stand-Alone Voltage Detector without the Second Probe
A Conventional Phasing Meter both Overhead and URD Applications
Phase Capacitive Test Points
A Large Easy to Read Analog Meter
Meter Housing is Completely Shielded to Minimize Stray Field Indications
An Insulated (35kV) Interconnect Cable with Second Probe
Each Probe is Impact and Water Resistant
Meter is Stored in a Highly Durable Padded Carrying Case


The 5-Position Selector Switch Consists of:

C -? Indicates the Voltage on Capacitive Test Points
CP – Phases Using Capacitive Test Points
L – Detects Voltage on Overhead and Underground Lines
LP – Phases on Overhead and URD Primary Systems
BT – Tests Internal Meter Circuitry by Using Internal Battery Voltage, Meter should Deflect Full Scale


Each?81280 Kit comes standard with a straight probe (81280LPM), hook probe (81280LHM), 8ft. interconnect cable (81280ML), 8ft. extension cable (81280FL), 3kV power supply (PA25T), 6VDC battery (81280B1), instruction manual, padded storage case.?

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