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Substation Transformer Monitors

From sensors to software, Dynamic Ratings helps utility and industrial customers improve transmission substation systems reliability, leading to increased maintenance savings and reduced outages. We design, manufacture and integrate innovative sensors, monitors, and controls for data collection, analysis, and diagnostics. 

Distribution Monitoring

Dynamic Ratings helps utility and industrial customers improve distribution systems reliability, leading to increased maintenance savings and reduced outages. We design, manufacture and integrate innovative sensors, monitors, and controls for data collection, analysis, and diagnostics.

Partial Discharge Monitoring

Because partial discharge (PD) activity is often present well in advance of insulation failure, it provides the most evident indication of defects and deterioration in transformers, rotating machines and switchgears.

Switchgear Monitoring

Switchgear is a key asset in the substation and is links directly to the reliability of the power supply. The Switchgear Monitor (SWGM) provides continuous online condition-based monitoring for switchgear. It is easy to implement and will increase reliability, efficiency and safety in the workplace.

iBridge Communication Solution

The iBridge Networking and Communications Solution delivers data seamlessly from IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices), RTUs and cameras with continuous reliability. Existing AC or DC wires can be used, which eliminates the cost of trenching, permits and additional cables. Schematics often need no modifications.

Sensors and Accessories

Dynamic Ratings offers a wide variety of sensors to monitor the condition of electrical apparatus. We have patented designs, and manufacture our line of sensors to ensure that the highest quality and accuracy requirements are consistently achieved.

Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Dynamic Ratings Breaker Performance Monitor is the most comprehensive circuit breaker monitoring solution available. With the inclusion of Smart Capture, the BPM combines the most effective offline and online testing methods. The modular design is a highly customizable online monitoring package, resulting in a monitor capable of performing the advanced analytics required to detect operating deficiencies well in advance of breaker failure.

Geomagnetic Induced Current Monitoring

Geomagnetic disturbance events has led to the creation of new standards in the US including FERC order 830 which resulted included the creation of NERC standard TPL-007. The standard establishes guidelines on planning for geomagnetic disturbances. All transmission owners and generator owners with grounded wye connected transformers operating with a high side voltage of 200kV or greater are subject to the requirements of TPL-007.

On Load Top Changer Monitoring

According to a recent CIGRE Transformer Reliability Survey, on load tap changers (OLTC) have one of the highest failure rates of any transformer component! If an OLTC fails, a transformer cannot regulate voltage. Transformer Technology recently published an article on this subject.

Stationary Battery Monitoring

Stationary Battery Monitoring systems have increased in importance due to the decline of craft specialists, reductions of maintenance personnel and the increasing number of unmanned facilities. Additionally, NERC PRC-005 requires electric utilities to implement maintenance plans for protection systems associated with the Bulk Electric System.

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Certified Dynamic Ratings Distributors Since 1984

Butler & Land

Dynamic Ratings provides condition-based monitoring products and services to the utility industry. Realtime data provides better awareness of high voltage electrical equipment, such as transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, and more.

In the early 1980’s, they started a joint development with one of the largest utilities in Australia to provide a transformer monitoring system. This evolved into the Dynamic Ratings division of Wilson Transformer Company. In 2002, the US office was opened and is now the headquarters.

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Dynamic Ratings is the industry Asset Health Solutions provider. We use our end-to-end comprehensive products and services to improve customers business performance. Helping utilities address the various challenges associated with successfully deploying and managing their Condition Based Monitoring programs is the foundation of our business.

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