Electric Utilities

Butler and Land Technologies has been a leader in the Electric Utility industry since 1947. We provide quality test equipment and controls at every level of the process. Whether it’s generation, transmission or distribution Butler and Land has the equipment needed to get the job done and keep you safe.

Clamp-on Meters • Current Probes • Data Loggers • Ground Resistance Testers • Megohmeters • Micro-ohmmeters • Power Meters & Loggers

Battery Monitoring • Capacity/Load Bank Test Systems • Cell Resistance Testers and Hydrometers

Test Tools • Multimeters • Clamp Meters • Electrical Testers • Environmental Testers • HVAC •Power Quality, Insulation, and Ground Resistance Testers • Wire Tracers / Cable Locators

GPS Clocks • Single/Three-Phase Power Meters • Combustible Gas Meter

Solenoid Valves • Stainless Valves • Spool Valves • Filters, Regulators, and Lubricators • Integrated Solutions • Membrane Filtration • Pressure and Temperature Switches • Proportional Valves • Pneumatic and Air Preparation • Fuel, Gas, and Oil Valves

Regulator, Recloser, Capacitor and LTC Controls • Motor Bus Transfer • Transformer and Generator Protection Relays

Voltage Detectors • Voltmeters • Phasing Voltmeters • Ground Testers

Dew Point Meters

Arc Flash Personal Protective Clothing • NFPA 20 Arc Flash Clothing and Kits

Power Quality Analyzers

Bushing and Transformer Monitoring • On Line Gas/Moisture Monitors • PD and Temp Monitoring • Network Vault Transformer Monitor • Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Power System Recorders • Sub-Harmonic Relays • PMU+CDR Modules

Test Instruments • Borescopes • PH Meters • Moisture Meters • Videoscopes • Anemometers • Lux Meters • Vacuum Meters • Temperature Indicators • Relative Humidity Meters

Infrared Imagers • IR Windows • Multimeters • Clamp Meters • SF6 & Gas Imaging Cameras • Acoustic Imaging Cameras

Clamp Meters • Test Tools • Sonic Industrial Imager • Digital Multimeters • Power Quality Meters • Precision Digital Pressure Gauges • Process Calibration Tools • Thermal Imagers • Vibration Test Equipment

Portable Gas Detection • Fixed Gas Detection

Oil Test Equipment • VLF/DC Hipots

Power Transformers • GIS Substations • Mfg Xfmrs in Montgomery, Alabama

Insulation Testers • MicroOhmmeters • Oil Test Sets • Meggers • TDRs • DLROs • Ground Resistance Testers

Heavy-Duty Limit Switches • Operating Levers • Nuclear Qualified

Mentor Relay Test Set • Relay Test Sets • Raptor Primary Test System • SF6 Gas Analyzers

Corona and PD Detection Cameras

High Voltage AC/DC Test Eqpt • HiPots, CB Test Sets, Oil Test Sets and PD

Portable & Fixed Dew Point Meters

Portable Single/Three Phase Meter Tester with Wi-Fi

Portable Power Quality Monitoring • Marwell Meter Socket Adapters

Micro Ohmmeters • CT, TTR, Winding Test Sets • Insulation Power Factor Test Sets

Counters • Timers

Online Single and Multi Gas Monitoring • Mobile On Line DGA

Sinewave Inverters • Battery Equalizers • Batter Isolators • Battery Chargers

Custom Infrared Systems