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Our Balluff Industrial Networking

IO-Link Wireless

Our wireless system consists of master, hub and bridge. IO-Link wireless is a new radio standard that meets the high demands of factory automation. The wireless master does not receive its data by cable, as is usually the case, but receives the sensor data by radio via a bridge or a hub. This delivers decisive advantages over a wired system.

Network Blocks

Ever faster, more flexible, more efficient and variable production demands seamless communication from the sensor to the Internet. The result is a growing amount of data within the production processes. This demands components which can make this information available. At the same time an infrastructure is required which transports the data across all levels.

Network Switches

The Ethernet-based network systems are increasingly gaining in significance in industrial automation. We offer you a multiplicity of Ethernet-based systems and network components for machine and system outfitting – for example, Profinet and Ethernet/IP. To enable you to easily link all Ethernet system components with Ethernet. Balluff offer a complete system.

I/O Blocks

I/O blocks from Balluff connect discrete and analog I/O sensors and actuators to the control level via a fieldbus or network. The number of lines is substantially reduced by the use of the blocks. Moreover, I/O blocks offer additional functions for signal preprocessing and expanded diagnostic options. Different designs and connection techniques enable solutions for a wide variety of applications, even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Inductive Couplers

Fixed wiring of sensors and actuators has disadvantages. Cables and contacts are frequently heavily stressed in automation so that cables can weaken and break, therefore resulting in a machine stoppage. Our inductive coupler BICs transmit data and power contactlessly across an air gap. Thus, no mechanical wear is produced. The system availability is higher, the cycle times are shorter, the sequences are more flexible. The units can quickly be disconnected, are easy to handle and maintenance-free. enabling you to meet new demands quickly.