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Our Balluff RFID

BIS U Industrial RFID system (UHF 860/960 MHz)

UHF systems of Balluff ensure data transparency and traceability in automation processes. UHF is a standard technology for identification solutions covering all processes. The form helps to achieve a fast detection of tag information and continuous transmission safety. By querying decentralized-storage product- and process-data, UHF is a central component of traceability applications in each phase of the material flow.

BIS M Industrial RFID System (HF 13.56 MHz)

The RFID system BIS M (13.56 MHz) supports global ISO standards and scores with a high transmission speed for large volumes of data. Through various combination options of data carriers and read/write heads, the system can be used for many applications. For example, it is suitable, for part tracking in the vicinity or for applications in production control (palletizing, recording on the workpiece, etc)

BIS C Industrial RFID System (LF 70/455 kHz)

Especially high-performing and flexible are the BIS C low-frequency RFID systems with the reliable tool identification in coolant- and lubricant-enriched machining centers. An exact positioning is not always necessary. Many data carriers can also be dynamically read and described “in passing”. LF (70/455 kHz) is the first choice for the tool identification over short ranges.

BIS L Industrial RFID system (LF 125 kHz)

Our low-frequency RFID system (BIS L) is suitable for applications that involve simple “license plate” identification. For example, often only a (read-only) code is required for backtracing. The 125-kHz system is capable of reading data up to 100 mm away and performs well in an environment of liquid and metal.