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Flir Cloud

FLIR Exx-Series, T5xx, T8xx, and Cx-Series thermal cameras connect automatically to the FLIR Ignite Library, offering cloud storage for thermal images.

Save time and ensure your images are always backed up with this new cloud service. You can automatically upload stills and video directly from the camera, organize them in Ignite folders, then share files via password-protected links with customers or colleagues to expedite critical decisions.

Direct Upload

Send images taken with new FLIR T5xx-Series, T8xx-Series, Exx-Series, C5, and C3-x cameras directly to the FLIR Ignite cloud

Stay Organized

Quickly find images by searching on name, comment, or text annotation

Share Insights

Share results with colleagues and clients securely with a password protected link.

Flir Cloud Camera Software
Flir Ignite Software
Introducing FLIR Ignite for professional thermal imaging cameras
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