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Phenix AC Dielectric High Potential (Hipot) Test Systems

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AC Dielectric Test Systems For Laboratories

Phenix Technologies has supplied AC Dielectric Test Systems for over 40 years and is recognized worldwide for leadership
and innovation in technology. Phenix Technologies offers standard models, designs modified to supply a variety of physical
configurations suitable for varying installation requirements, and options to add significant testing capabilities.

Main System component options:

  • High Voltage Transformer
    • Air-insulated type
    • Oil-filled, fiberglass Cylinder type
    • Oil-filled, steel Dead Tank type
  • Controls
    • Basic to advanced, with software for remote control, data acquisition, automation capabilities
  • Voltage Regulator (Air-insulated, Variable Auto-transformer)
    • Separate or containing the operator control panel to save space and simplify set-up procedures

The sizing of an AC Hipot is determined by your target test voltage, how much current you require, and if you plan to measure partial discharge

15-200 Kv Field And Lab AC Dielectric Test Sets

A complete test system in a mobile package, simple to set-up and operate, lightweight and ruggedly constructed. The 6CP and 6CB line consists of a combination control and regulator enclosure and separate high voltage section.

The 6CP line is equipped with digital metering and easy to use controls.

The 6CB line features a touch screen display with auto-ranging meters, automated operation and data acquisition.

ModelOutput Range
6CP or 6CB30/15-3≈0-15 kV, 200 mA & ≈0-30 kV, 100 mA
6CP or 6CB50/10-3≈0-10 kV, 300 mA & ≈0-50 kV, 60 mA
6CP or 6CB100/50-7.5≈0-50 kV, 150 mA & ≈0-100 kV, 75 mA
6CP or 6CB120/60-7.5≈0-60 kV, 125 mA & ≈0-120 kV, 62.5 mA
6CP or 6CB100/50-10≈0-50 kV, 200 mA & ≈0-100 kV, 100 mA
6CP or 6CB120/60-10≈0-60 kV, 166 mA & ≈0-120 kV, 83 mA
6CP or 6CB200/100-10≈0-100 kV, 100 mA & ≈0-200 kV, 50 mA

5-15 Kv Benchtop And Floor Model AC Dielectric Test Sets

Suitable for dielectric and insulation testing up to 15 kV on all types of electrical apparatus. A 1-piece design contains the air-insulated transformer, controls, and regulator housed either in a steel benchtop enclosure or free-standing steel enclosure.

ModelOutput Range
605-2P or B≈0-5 kV, 400 mA
605-5P or B≈0-5 kV, 1 A
605-10P or B≈0-5 kV, 2 A
610-2P or B≈0-10 kV, 200 mA
610-5P or B≈0-10 kV, 500 mA
610-10P or B≈0-10 kV, 1 A
610-20P or B≈0-10 kV, 2 A
615-10P or B≈0-15 kV, 667 mA
615-15P or B≈0-15 kV, 1 mA
615-20P or B≈0-15 kV, 1.33 A

AC Vacuum Interrupter Test Sets

Designed primarily for vacuum interrupter testing; however,
these units can be used for testing breakers, switchgear
and many other electrical apparatus.

Model     Output Range
640-0.4P0-40kVAC, 10mA
660-10PA±30 kVAC, total of 60 kV, 10mA

AC Dielectric High Potential (Hipot) Test Systems

Phenix Technologies manufactures a complete line of the most advanced AC Dielectric Test Systems with voltage and power ratings to meet your testing requirements. Our systems function in compliance with IEC, IEEE, and other recognized national and international industry testing standards.

Phenix Technologies offers:

  • Ratings from 1 kV to over 1 million volts AC
  • Rugged design for field, industrial, and laboratory settings
  • Stand-alone, modular, caster-, truck-, trailer- or skid-mounted systems
  • Models meeting specific standards, such as ASTM D149 for material testing and ANSI A92.2 for insulated work platforms
  • Oil insulated or epoxy cast high voltage transformers
  • Safety features to protect personnel and equipment
  • Long-term customer support from fully experience and knowledgeable staff

Products requiring dielectric testing include:

  • Rotating Machines
  • Power Cables
  • Bushings
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Lightning Arrestors
  • Connectors
  • HV Components
  • Insulators
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    (Rubber Goods) for Live Work
  • Cable Joints/Splices
  • Switchgear (Air, Gas, Oil)
  • Transformers, Shunt Reactors
  • Fuses
  • Insulation Materials (Oil, Paper)
  • Power Capacitors
  • Coils
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Transmission Line Hardware

Typical testing applications:

  • Type testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Routine testing
  • Preventative maintenance