AEMC Hand-held Oscilloscope Model OX 9102 IV

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Cat. #2150.32
2-Channel, 100MHz
2 channel Digital Multimeter 8000 cts, FFT function and recording mode, and power measurement. Ideal for both laboratory and field use.


The Model OX 9102 Oscilloscope is a rugged, ergonomic, self-contained, hand-held, two-channel oscilloscope with 100MHz bandwidth, 2 channel DMM 8000 cts, FFT function and recording mode, and?power measurement.

Large touch screen 7? color LCD display

Ideal for both laboratory and field use, the Model OX 9102 utilizes the patented system of ?plug-and-play? accessories, individual isolation of each of the measurement channels, and a range of remote management capabilities. The Ethernet link and Wi-Fi lets you remotely control the oscilloscope without loading any software to your PC. Android App available to download from Google play store.
Model OX 9102 IV – Cat. #2150.32: Includes carrying case with shoulder strap, set of (2) 5 ft color-coded leads, alligator clips and test probes (4mm diameter), 10 ft USB cable, ?SD memory card, 1-PROBIX Banana Plug (4mm) Adapter, set of (5) stylus pens, LI-ION 5.8Ah battery pack, PA40W-2 power adapter with 110V power cord.