AEMC Handscope Portable Oscilloscope Model OX 5042

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Cat. #2150.21
2-Channel, 40MHz
Two-channel oscilloscope with 40MHz bandwidth. Also functions as an 8000-count multimeter with power measurements, and a harmonic analyzer to the 31st harmonic. Can store up to 2MB of recorded data. USB communication enables programing the instrument remotely with the supplied SX-METRO software.


The compact, shockproof, IP54, Handscope Oscilloscope Model OX 5042 can be comfortably held in one hand.? The Handscope is an ergonomically designed instrument equipped with a color screen and LED backlighting for precise, crisp data display. Integrated multilingual help screens are available at all times to make it simpler to use.

The Model OX 5042 combines three measuring instruments in one:

2 fully isolated channels, 600V CATIII
40MHz oscilloscope, range 5mV to 200V/div
Independent 8000-count multimeter with power measurements
Built-in harmonic analyzer out to the 31st harmonic (fundamental between 40Hz and 450Hz)

2 MB of storage are available for recording data. In the multimeter mode, it is possible to store graphic recordings of 2700 measurements from 5 min to 1 month.

Isolated USB communication with the SCPI protocol is available. This makes it simple to program the instrument remotely with the supplied SX-METRO software. This product has been developed using an Eco-Design approach to reduce?its environmental impact and is supplied with a 3-year warranty.
Model OX 5042 – Cat. #2150.21: Includes beter, small classic tool bag, US wall plug, USB cable, set of (2) 10 ft color-coded Leads (red/black), set of (2) color-coded alligator Clips (red/black), set of (2) color-coded probes (red/black), BNC adapter, (2) probe 10:1 600V BNC male, 1.2V NiMH rechargeable batteries, Quick Start Guide, and a USB thumb drive with software and a user manual.