AEMC Micro-Ohmmeter Model 6240

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Cat. #2129.80
10A, Instantaneous, Continuous, Multiple Test, Manual/Auto Temperature Compensation; includes 10A Kelvin Clips and DataView? software
Four-lead Kelvin tester measures very low resistance from 1?? to 400? with resolutions to 1??. Selectable test currents of 10A, 1A, 100mA, and 10mA, with a polarity reversal function. Tests both resistive and inductive material, and stores up to 99 measurements. Includes DataView? for configuring the instrument, downloading data, and generating reports.


The 10A Micro-Ohmmeter Model 6240 is a rugged, low resistance tester designed for both plant maintenance and field use. Utilizing a four-lead Kelvin method of testing, the Model 6240 Micro-Ohmmeter accurately measures very low resistance within 0.25%.

Resistance measurements are automatically calculated from 5 ?? to 400 ? with resolutions down to 1 ??. The Model 6240 has selectable test currents of 10 A, 1 A, 100 mA and 10 mA and includes a polarity reversal function. The Model 6240 is designed to conduct tests on both resistive and inductive material. Up to 99 measurements can be stored and printed directly to a printer or from a PC.

DataView? (included) allows you to configure the instrument, temperature-compensate the test results,?store data, and print reports.

? Learn how to properly connect leads to AEMC? Instruments Micro-Ohmmeters (Models 6240, 6250 & 6255)
Model 6240 (with leads) – Cat. #2129.80: Includes extra large tool bag, optical USB cable, US 115V power cord, (2) spare fuses (12.5A), 10 ft Kelvin Clips (10A – Hippo , Cat. #1017.84) and 10 ft Kelvin Probes (1A Spring loaded, Cat. #2118.73), NiMH rechargeable battery pack*, and USB thumb drive suppled with DataView? software and a user manual.