AEMC Phase Rotation Meter Model 6608

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Cat. #2121.10
Operating voltages 40 to 850VAC between phases, Frequency range 15 to 400HZ, Test current 1mA
Verify proper phase wiring, detect open or de-energized phases and determine correct wiring for proper rotation on motors, pumps, etc.


The Phase Rotation Meter Model 6608 is a compact and rugged meter designed to identify phase rotation on 3-Phase systems and identify live and open/de-energized phases. Ideal for installing rotating machinery or motors, and for checking generator output.
Model 6608 – Cat. #2121.10: Includes a Soft carrying case, (3) 4ft color-coded test leads (red/black/blue), (3) alligator clips (black) and a user manual.