API APD 1200 / 1220 Thermocouple Input Alarm Trips

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Specify T/C type and
°F or °C temperature range

Factory configured
Thermocouple J, K, T, E, R, S, N, B, C, D, G, M, P
100°F (55°C) recommended minimum span

APD 1200 Single Alarm Trip
Dual DPST contact set
Standard: HI alarm, normal acting,
set/reset adjustments, non-latching

APD 1220 Dual Alarm Trip
Two DPST contact sets
Standard: HI/LO alarms, normal acting,
two set/reset adjustments, non-latching


  • New microprocessor-based version
    • Complete thermocouple selection
    • Microprocessor controlled input linearization
    • More burnout options
    • Improved setpoint/reset point control
  • User adjustable set and reset point(s)
  • 8 Amp contacts
  • Removable plugs for easier installation
  • Input LoopTracker LED and output test button
  • Alarm status LEDs
  • Alarm options: LO, HI/HI, LO/LO, band alarm
  • Optional reverse acting, optional latching
  • DIN rail mount without tools
  • Universal power 85-265 VAC, 60-300 VDC
  • D option for 9-30 VDC, 10-32 VAC power