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The easy, all-in-one phasing voltmeter with numerous applications. The PD Series? All-Purpose Utility Meters are phasing voltmeters designed to replace numerous other meters that feature a single range and/or perform a single function.

The PD Series? can be used for these applications:

Capacitive Test Point Phasing Meter

Regulator Neutral Detector

Measure True RMS Voltages

Commercial/Industrial Meter

Phasing or Measuring Secondary Voltages, Replacing 600V Voltmeters

Conventional Phasing Voltmeter for Overhead and URD Systems from 0-50kV Phase to Phase

DC and Multiple Frequency AC up to 400Hz

High Line Resistive Voltmeter*

Phase Sequence/Rotation Meter*

DC Leakage Tester* (lightning arrestor tester)

Hi Pot URD Cable*

DC Cable Tracer*

*Optional Adapter Required


This is a conventional type Phasing Voltmeter with numerous other uses. Measures AC or DC voltage with unbelievable precision and accuracy. May be used on primary or secondary voltages or capacitive test points.?There is nothing to compare to it on the market today!

The PD Series Phasing Utility Meters come in two models, the?PD25? and the?PD50?. Both have the following features:

Large (3/4″) LCD Digital Meter with Backlight

Multiple Ranges 2kV, 20kV, 25/50kV

Completely Shielded Housing for Meter and Second Probes

Completely Shielded Interconnect Cable(Insulated 35kV to Ground), that Does NOT Have to be Held Off of Grounded or Live Objects for Fear of Shock or Interfering with the Reading

Interconnect Cable Lengths up to 100ft.

Patented Input Circuitry

The Most Accurate High Voltage Meter Available, with Accuracy to +/- 1%

Both Probes are Impact and Water Resistant Designed to Withstand Wear

Both Probes are Stored in Either a Highly Durable Padded Carrying Case or a Canvas Bag


0 ? 50kV All-purpose utility meter

8 ft. regular cable

8 ft. extension cable

hook probe

straight probe

3kV power supply



The PD50

The PD50? Series 5-Position Selector Switch Performs the Following Functions:

OFF – For Storage

2kV – Range 0-1999 Volts

25kV – Range 0-24990 Volts

50kV – Range 0-49900 Volts

Test – Tests internal meter circuitry and displays battery voltage

Each PD50 Kit comes standard with a straight probe (81280LPM), hook probe (81280LHM), 8ft. interconnect cable (81280ML), 8ft. extension cable (81280FL), 3kV power supply (PA25T), 6VDC battery (81280B1), instruction manual, padded storage case.

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