Bierer Meters PR1RCV

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The Phasing Ranger 1 Receive Unit is taken into the field and works in conjunction with the Meter Probe.?Real time?readings are able to be obtained, there are no calculations to be made or data to transfer from one location to another. Phase Identification or Phase angle information can be determined in the field simply by reading the Meter Probe. A distance of 100 feet separation or up to 300 feet line of sight separation can be expected between the Receive Unit and the Meter Probe. In the event that a greater distance is required, the Receive Unit can simply be unplugged from it’s charging cable and taken into the field while operating on rechargeable batteries for up to 8 hours fully charged.

The Phasing Ranger 1 Receive Unit comes standard with all the necessary cables, instruction manual, all in a durable padded carrying case (PD800B).


Field unit (receive station)

12VDC power cable

Data cable



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