Bierer Meters RCDC1000A

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The RCDC1000 Digital DC Resistive Voltmeter has a single range of 0 ? 2kV. The unit consists of a meter probe, second probe, and connector cable. This unit is designed to measure DC voltage between the negative return rail and overhead positive cantenary conductor used on transit systems. The five position selector switch located on the face, controls OFF, ON, and Test. The OFF positions are for storage and transit. The ON position is for measurements from 0 to 1999 volts with one-volt resolution. The T position tests basic meter functions and the digital display.

General purpose meter that can be used in a variety of applications:

A General Purpose 0 to 2kV DC Digital Voltmeter
Designed to Confirm the Status of Electrical Systems
Can be Used with Higher Currents than Hand-Held Models
A Large Digital LCD Display has a Backlight for Easy Reading
Both the Meter Probe and Secondary Probe have Threaded End Fittings
The Unit Includes Three Adapters: a Hook Adapter, a Straight Adapter, and a Magnetic Track Adapter
A 30-Foot Interconnecting Cable is also Included
Meter is Water Resistant and has a Strong Construction Designed to Withstand Wear
The Unit is Contained in a Highly Durable Carrying Case?

Each kit includes:

0 – 1,999 volt DC voltmeter
30 ft. cable
Magnetic adapter
Universal/grip all adapter
Hook probe

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