Bierer Meters ST800PGN

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The ST800PGN?puts a high magnitude pulse between the neutral/hotleg or hotleg/hotleg for any secondary service(120V,208,277,480V). It cannot be fooled by telephone and cable television bonding often missed by continuous loading devices. 800 Amps.

The ST800PGN can perform the following functions:

Identify bad conductor(s) from the transformer to the meter base
Indicate integrity of neutral conductor to prevent excessive houseground currents
Locate both hot legs and neutral at the pedestal and/or transformer blocks.
Locate bad connectors on overhead spans
Identify de-energized URD Primary cable in a manhole or ditch


A 6-month pilot project was conducted at a Major Investor owned Utility where the ST800 was found to save the Utility time and money while improving their Customer Satisfaction Rating.


800 amp service tester
Receiver probe
Laser pyrometer
Alligator clip cable
10 inch handle
Standard bag