Bierer Meters STRCVCT

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The STRCV has a sensor in the end of the bent probe that picks up the current signal originating from either the ST500, or? ST800, and indicates the direction of that current pulse on the display via a left or right directional LED.

For identifying concentric neutral primary cables many times the STRCV needs to be more sensitive for applications including but not limited to:

Cables in Conduit
Network Applications
Long runs of cable (>1 mile)


The STRCV-CT incorporates a BNC connector so that a “wrap around CT” can be used rather than the sensor at the end of the bent probe.

STRCV Switch Positions:

OFF position – Unit Off for storage and transit.
High – 300+ Amp position
Medium- 50 ? 300 Amps position
Low- Less than 50 Amp position

?T” position tests internal battery voltage and display function.