Bierer Meters VBI-15

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The VBI-15 is a Direct Contact Voltage Break Indicator with an audible and visual alarm to indicate the absence of voltage, with an operating range from 7.2kV to 20kV (Line to Ground). The unit consists of an array of lights and an audible alarm to give the user a quick and clear indication that the overhead line has dropped below the threshold value of 2.5kV.

The VBI-15 can be used by all forms of electrical entities; investor-owned utilities, municipalities, cooperatives, contractors, etc. to track outages by individual crews at their location on the system.

Voltage Break Indicator or a Voltage Break Sentinel:

VBI-15 Voltage Break Indicator is activated when voltage levels drop below 2.5kV line to ground (4kV phase to phase)

The VBI-15 is used as a silent sentinel, the 112dB horn and array of super bright LED?s are activated when the line becomes de-energized.

The absence of voltage detector is designed to be used on single phase nominal 7.2kV ? 20kV systems line to ground.

Overload protected to 115kV for your safety

SAIDI and CAIDI ratings improve by quicker outage response time

Water Resistant for inclement weather use

Strong Construction designed to withstand wear

Packaged in a durable canvas bag

Each kit contains a special hook probe (8128TLBM), instruction manual, storage bag (PD25AB).

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