Bierer Meters VDA0300

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The VDA0300 is a wide range transmission and distribution voltage detector. It has the widest and highest voltage range available in a single voltage detector.

VDAO300 Features:

2.4kV – 300kV Line to Ground (4kV – 500kV Phase to Phase) Voltage Range

For Overhead and URD Applications

Meter is Passive, Battery is Only Required for the Test Position

A Linear/Logarithmic Scale for Better Resolution from Distribution to Transmission Systems

Meter is designed to Read Approximate Nominal or Induced Voltage, Line to Ground

Easy-to-Use Detector Requires no Voltage Scale Selectors or Multipliers

Meter is Water Resistant and a Strong Construction to withstand Wear

Meter is contained in a Durable Padded Case

One year warranty on parts and labor.

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