Bierer Meters VDAL40P

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The VDA040P is a dual application analog voltage detector.

Detects 0-40kV Line to ground (0-69kV phase to phase)
A proximity or direct contact on overhead and underground systems.
Easy to read analog scales
Internal backlight for nighttime use.
Detect voltage from the ground on bare overhead lines when hand held.
Test secondary voltage on bare or insulated cables.
The detector indicates line to ground values for nominal or induced voltages.
The 5 – position switch selector switch is calibrated for height above ground to compensate for a capacitive coupling effect.
Shielded to minimize stray field interference.
For your safety, the detector includes overload protection up to 500kV
Water resistant and a strong construction designed to withstand wear.
Contained in a highly durable padded carrying case.
One year warranty on parts and labor.

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