Fluke T6-600 Electrical Tester

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Working in cramped electrical boxes and trying to find a safe metallic contact points is often challenging. The Fluke T6-600 Electrical Tester with FieldSense technology, lets you quickly and safely take measurements by sliding the open fork over a conductor, without the need for test leads. The T6-600 works with wires up to AWG 4/0 (120 mm2) with a 17.8 mm jaw opening


Product overview: Fluke T6-600 Electrical Voltage, Current and Continuity Tester

The electrical tester to measure voltage … without test leads

Electricians often work in boxes jammed with wires, where finding a safe metallic contact point can be a challenge. With the T6-600 current tester you take measurements by sliding a single wire into the open fork. Thanks to FieldSense technology you can measure ac voltage, current and frequency without making electrical contact to live voltage.

Fluke T6 voltage tester easily fits in your pocket.

See how easy it is to make FieldSense measurements

Now, with Fluke’s FieldSense technology, you can use this fluke continuity tester to take measurements quickly and easily by sliding the open fork over a conductor to see the voltage level without the need for test leads*.

How does FieldSense Technology work?

Measures a voltage signal in reference to earth via the hand of the user by a capacitive sensor without any electrical contact or galvanic connection, fully isolated!

The sensor area of the tester should be located close to the measured signal on a live conductor. In this case the hand and body of the user provides a connection to earth. The electrical field (voltage) and the magnetic field (current) is picked up. When there is a missing earth connection an earth symbol in the display of the T6 shows up.

In some cases, test leads have to be used: When the hand or the human body is isolated to earth (e.g. safety gloves) or if the human body has no earth reference (e.g. upper floors in wooden houses) the earth reference must be provided by connecting the black test lead (COM) to earth.

Who needs a T6 continuity tester?

Commercial and light industrial electricians can use this Fluke continuity tester for most everyday measurements. This voltage tester easily fits in your pocket, making them easy to access on the front-line for electricians of all industries.

Product Highlights

  • FieldSense technology for ac voltage, current and frequency measurement without making electrical contact to live voltage*
  • See voltage or current display – shows all power supply measurements at a glance for efficient trouble shooting
  • 1 to 600 V ac or dc (T6-600)
  • 0 to 200 A ac
  • True-rms voltage and current
  • Resistance 1 Ω to 2000 Ω
  • Works with wires up to AWG 4/0 (120 mm2) with a 17.8 mm jaw opening
  • HOLD button temporarily freezes the reading for easy viewing
  • Easy to read display with backlight
  • Accepts optional Fluke TPAK Magnetic Meter Hanger for convenient operation
  • Standard two-year warranty; extendable to 4 years through product registration within 45 days of purchase

* Voltage measurement requires capacitive path to ground, provided through user in most applications. Ground connection via test lead may be required in some situations.

What’s in the box:

  • Fluke T6-600 Electrical Tester
  • Attached test leads with removable 4 mm probe caps
  • Quick Reference Guide

Key features

5 reasons Fluke T6 belongs in your toolbelt

  1. Be safer: Measure voltage to 600 V ac through the open fork, without test leads
  2. Be faster: No need to open covers or remove wire nuts
  3. Be more efficient: Simultaneously measure voltage and current
  4. Be everywhere: 17.8 mm open fork is widest in the industry; measure up to 200 A on 4/0 wires (120 mm2)
  5. Go beyond simple detection. Actually measure ac voltage and current values without test leads