Raytech MUX R Multiplexer for Transformer Testing

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MUX R Multiplexer for Transformer Testing: 100 Amps, 3 Channels, Demagnetization and Discharge. Raytech’s MUX R multiplexer is designed to drastically reduce cabling time and increase test performance. It is made to be used with Raytech’s winding resistance and turns ratio meters. Any MUX R configuration can be easily controlled by a winding resistance meter’s touch panel or by remote control.



  • Minimizes cabling time
  • All measurements with one cabling per transformer, including Winding Resistance and Turns Ratio
  • Use up to three Multiplexers and measure transformers with three winding systems with one cabling sequence
  • Get your own configuration containing from one to three Multiplexers, from one to three Winding Resistance Meters and one Turns Ratio Meter
  • Control your Tap Changer with a powerful tap changer interface
  • Operate all instruments on a touch screen or by remote control
  • Get a customized, complete solution containing WR, TR and Multiplexers. Ask Raytech for an ATOS (Automatic Transformer Observing System)
  • 5-Year standard warranty


  • Using a 4-wire measurement ensures the same high precision as measuring without a Multiplexer.


  • Measuring Current: up to 100 Amps
  • Size: L: 490 mm (19.3″) W: 436 mm (17.2″) H: 177 mm (7″), Rack Unit: 4U
  • Weight: 10.3 kg (22.7 lbs.)
  • Input Power: 88 to 264 VAC, 47…63 Hz
  • Front Panel: Sealed, Anodized


Instruction Manual MUX R (1.08)
Leaflet MUX R (1.01)