SMC EMU-300 MCB Circuit Breaker Tester

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Electronic AC Current Injector up to 300A
The EMU-300 is a completely electronic unit.


The following gives more details of this testing unit:

Complete computer control with its corresponding software and communication board, RS-485. The program has the possibility to control up to?15 units at the same time.
The unit generates a digital wave form, from a oscillating quartz and adjust this wave in 1024 point/cycle which insures the exact frequency and very low distortion.
The reference amplitude in d.c. and the selection by a DAC of 12 bits, allows a continued feedback, comparing the output level with the reference and activates a signal which controls the power amplifier, to insure a perfect stabilized and accurate output, even though there are variations in the load, power supply, etc.
The power module is compact, with forced ventilation and contains an auto power switch which gives the maximum power required in relation to the load. This achieves a very efficient output and low dissipation.
The transformer load coupled to the power amplifier, allows an galvanic insulation and perfect joining of this load.
Computer control of an external element up to 220V (ex. auxiliary contact).
The unit contains an output overload, thermal, and auxiliary power supply alarms as well as a connector for an d.c. measuring instrument, for easy verification.


Regulation 0 ? 300A a.c.
Nominal power: 300VA.
Can be connected in parallel.
Input for external phase and/or frecuency reference.
Computer controlled by serial port RS-485 (adapted to RS-232).
Overload, overheating alarm leds.
Rack mounting 19? (482 mm).
Accuracy: ?1%.
Distortion: <1%. APPLICATIONS To test small circuit breakers. Calibration of shunts and measurement instruments. To test thermic relays which require a long duration. Overheating test. more information