SMC Eurofault Relay Testing Software

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COMTRADE recordings playback software
The EUROFAULT software is designed to capture any fault register in COMTRADE format and when connected to the TRES system, can be downloaded and reproduced exactly.



The software is easy to use and is Windows based, having all the advantages in terms of files handling, data base, graphic representation, etc. incorporated in it.The user does not need to perform any complicated task for the editing of the COMTRADE file, because the application has the necessary options to easily edit the file form a numerical and graphical point of view.

The Pre-fault and / or Post-fault duration can be altered by simply pressing the appropiate key to ensure correct operation of the relay under test.Similarly, active voltage and /or current channels can be selected along with all the secondary parameters that deines the peak levels of the transients.

Furthermore, enables interpolation of the wave form to a greaer number of samples tha ?smooth? wave form closer to reality, when the number of captured samples per cycle is not sufficient high.Obviously the number of cycles is limited by the memory capacity of the internal microprocessors of the TRES, the cycles to be reproduced will reduce when more samples by cycles are used.


It is becoming more important than ever to record and simulate the fault condition resulting in relay operation. The TRES system, along with the software EUROFAULT, can playback any type of fault simultaneously in its 6 output channels.In each channel there are up to 8 pages of 4 Kb memory, a total of 32 Kb. Thus a fault of up to 16 seconds duration at 50 Hz (800 cycles) with resolution of 20 samples / cycle, or up to 8 seconds duration at 50 Hz (400 cycles) with a resolution of 40 samples/cycle can be reproduced.

The system is able to generate a bandwidth range for 0.5 to 5 Hz.


?Windows based.
Extremely easy to edit in terms of adding pre-fault cycles, adding the cycles, etc.
Compatible with any combination of the PTE Range equipment (except PTE-100-C).


Playback of previously registered faults and transient, or calculated by EMTP programs.
Enables to analyze the behavior of a protection relay of system against the above mentioned.