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Voltage and Current Channels of the Mentor 12
The MENTOR 12 is a modular system that offers many possible configurations from typical 3V3I to the maximum of 6V6I (two complete?3?phase systems on the same unit)



One of the biggest benefits in the engineering and design of the Mentor 12 is its modular construction.

The power amplifiers and most of the functional modules are designed to be slided along guides and fitted into place with no special tools or experience.

Not only can you decide how many output channels you need when you purchase your Mentor 12, but you can also add additional channels in the future with no need to return your equipment to EuroSMC or to any other specialized service.

Furthermore, if any of these modules ever fail or get accidentally damaged, many chances are that you can continue using your Mentor until you receive a replacement module from us. Note that our output amplifiers do not share their power supply nor the neutral connection with each other; which means that even if severe damage is caused to one output channel you will most likely be able to continue using the other ones with no problem.

An additional hint: The voltage amplifiers can be individually converted into current channels with only selecting the appropriate configuration in the Mentor?s setup menu.

Optional accessories like the GPS receiver or the IEC-61850 protocol interface can also be added by yourself just a few days after ordering.

We name each Mentor 12 after the power layout choosen by each customer. For example, One Mentor 12 4v3i has four voltage / current channels and three current channels