SMC PTE-100-C Plus Secondary Injection Test Set

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Single-phase AC/DC Relay Test Set with Variable Frequency
Packaged in the ultra-compact size of the PTE-100-C, these secondary injection sets combine the outstanding 1000 VA output with a versatile voltage source with adjustable amplitude, frequency and phase angle.



In the Pro version this voltage source incorporates a dedicated LCD display and its own BUS-PTE connection that make the operation easier and enable it to be used also with other sets in the PTE range.

The smallest and lightest in their class, this equipment can test virtually any type of protective relay element, from inverse time overcurrent to the most sophisticated directional, frequency and motor protections. Its outstanding power, 1000 VA, makes testing high-burden electromechanical relays a snap.

High power-demanding applications such as knee point analysis on CTs and long-cycle testing of miniature breakers are also possible with these easy to use, fully protected test workhorses.

The PTE-100-C Plus and Pro feature the EuroSMC?s exclusive PTE-BUS that enables you to link them to other PTE-range units to build 3-phase or even more sophisticated test platforms.
You can also connect your PTE-100-C Plus or Pro to the PC for Closed Case Calibration, data acquisition and software-assisted overcurrent testing and reporting.


0 to 250 A variac-regulated, digitally controlled AC current output.
0 to 140 VAC electronic voltage channel.
Voltage phase angle regulation from 0 to 360? with a resolution of 0.1?.
Voltage frequency regulation from 40 to 70 Hz with a resolution of 0.1 Hz.
Independent, stabilized and electronically protected auxiliary 0 to 250 V DC source.
Complete set of measurement and automation functions.
Programmable 1-ms resolution digital chronometer.
IP-65 casing, CE mark.
15.5 kg
200 x 300 x 200 mm.


Single-phase testing of relays:
Definite and inverse time over current.
Min/max AC / DC voltage.
Directional over current.
Volts / Hz
Directional power.
Loss of Field.
Reverse Phase.
Negative sequence over current.
Reverse phase / voltage.
Power factor.
Earth detection.
Phase angle, Out of Step.
AC / DC reclosing.
Directional voltage and power.
? Moulded Case Breakers (MCB, MCCB) testing.
? CT Knee-point analysis and many other accurate electrical measurements.
? Three-phase testing when combined with other PTE-range equipment.