SMC PTE-50-CE Pro Single Phase Relay Tester

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Single-phase Relay Test Set
Any test set in the PTE range can be upgraded with an additional voltage source, the PTE-FCN option.



This electronic, independent source can be adjusted in amplitude, frequency, and phase angle. It comes installed as standard with the ?Pro? versions of the PTE sets, but it can also be purchased separately and mounted by the user inside the unit?s lid in a few minutes.

The PTE-FCN will dramatically increase the relay types that can be tested, usually avoiding unnecessary investment in three-phase equipment. The PTE-50-CE Pro, for example, is an unbeatable single-phase test set for directional, frequency, synchronisation and generator protection relays.


Output power: 100 VA
Current: up to 50A ? voltage: up to 150V
Selectable 1st to 7th harmonics
Adjustable phase angle: 0 ? 359.9?
Second voltage (Pro): 30 VA, 0-140V, 0-359.9?, 40-70 Hz
1-ms resolution digital programmable chronometer
External synch input
RS-232 communications port and BUS-PTE
Multi-mode trip detection
Software-based adjustment and calibration
IP-65 protective case
13.5 kg (Pro: 14.5 kg)


Overcurrent relays
Over / undervoltage relays
Power factor relays
Ground protections
Reclosing relays
Distance / impedance / directional relays
Frequency relays
Synchronizing relays