API T16B ThermoPro® Battery Powered Temperature Indicator

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T16BBL: NEMA 4X housing
T16BBL: NEMA 4X housing, backlit display

  • Specify RTD length
  • Specify fixed or spring-loaded RTD
  • Selectable °F, °C, or K temperature range
    • –58.0°F to 392.0°F or
    • –50.0°C to 200.0°C
  • Battery life to 1000 hrs
  • BL red LED display backlight battery life up to 750 hrs
  • Includes 2 AA batteries
  • Choose auto shutoff time
    • -5 five minutes (default if not specified)
    • -10 ten minutes
    • -30 thirty minutes
    • -ON on/off only


  • Powered by two AA batteries (included)
  • Configurable auto shutoff time
  • Selectable °F, °C or K
  • Configurable min/max memory
  • Able to retain min/max if power is off
  • Pass code protected setup and calibration