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Electrical Utility Test Equipment

Butler & Land, Inc. is a manufacturer representative and distributor of electrical equipment, instrumentation, controls and sensors to industrial and utility providers for over 70 years.
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When you’re working in an electrical environment, it can be difficult to know that your tools are safe. You want them well-tested and reliable so they’ll never letdown on the job or put themselves at risk for destruction because of malfunctions–which is why we offer such a wide range available from our company! We have everything from velectrical test meters, electrical testing tools, Benchtop Power Supplies, Multimeters, Thermal Imagers, Panel Meters, Environmental Testers, and more which will help make sure any project goes smoothly without anything going wrong along their journey


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Digital Multimeters

With our Digital Multimeters, you get an electrical test tool that can survive anything. Every single one of them goes through an extensive testing process to make sure they are rugged enough for anything you can throw at them: drops from high places or quick moves towards water will not break your hi-vis orange handle.

Clamp Meters

With our clamp meters, you can take high current measurements without breaking the circuit. These versatile tools are built for almost every industrial and commercial electrician. Most of them use an integrated low-pass filter that helps make accurate readings on non linear signals such as adjustable speed drives or electronic ballasts.

Portable Oscilloscopes

ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscopes take you into territory that standard bench oscilloscopes can’t readily withstand, harsh, hazardous and dirty industrial environments. These hand-held instruments combine the performance of a bench oscilloscope with a multimeter and paperless recorder for installing, commissioning and maintaining industrial and electronic equipment out in the field. Fluke ScopeMeter test tools use a unique Connect-and-View™ mode to automatically and continuously setup the oscilloscope making them easy to use even on complex signals.

Voltage Detectors

Industrial Control Applying is all about organization and efficiency. Every component of an application must be carefully considered, from the design to installation process for it work effectively without any drawbacks or side effects along the way. It’s our job to put those parts together in a consistent way so you can focus more time running your business than worrying about security!

Basic Electrical Testers

Electrical testers are designed to be used in every application and nearly any environment, from non-contact voltage detectors that provide an accurate reading without touching anything electrician’s toolkit staples open jaw or fork style current tester for testing large currents small particles like insulation breakdown when you need it most . You’ll also find motor phase rotation testers fluorescent light tension meters safer than solenoid devices with glass rod compass built right into their heads so there’s no need for another separate meter as well.

Electric Utility Test Equipment

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We solve complex manufacturing problems with automation solutions that provide a real return to our customers.

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Reduced operational expenses, increased profits, & increased safety.

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We design machines without parts that need to be rejected prior to the next test, inspection or assembly process.

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