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Butler & Land, Inc. is a manufacturer representative and distributor of electrical equipment, instrumentation, controls and sensors to industrial and utility providers for over 75+ years.
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Industrial Instrumentation

Automation and Control Specialists

Since 1974, Butler and Land has provided dependable instrumentation to advance technology industries and processes. We are a manufacturer’s representative and distributor of industrial instrumentation and automation components. Our talented team of engineers also offers full package solutions that help our customers increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability through automation and precise process control.

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75+ Years Of Experience In Industrial Automation

Automation Technology

The industry is about to enter the fourth industrial revolution. Automation, followed by digitalization of production has been an integral part in increasing productivity and efficiency resulting in higher speed for companies on their way towards future success. Here you’ll find Butler and Land’s comprehensive offering towards technological advancements including their wide variety of products designed specifically with your needs as an individual or company striving towards innovation .

Industrial Control Systems

We’re an industry leader in Automation & Control System Engineering, Design and Construction. We offer highly competitive services that are designed to meet the needs of any business at affordable prices while staying up-to date with all industries trends!

Manufacturing Automation

Industrial Control Applying is all about organization and efficiency. Every component of an application must be carefully considered, from the design to installation process for it work effectively without any drawbacks or side effects along the way. It’s our job to put those parts together in a consistent way so you can focus more time running your business than worrying about security!

Automation & Control Technology

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Butler & Land

Complex Problems, Custom Solutions

We solve complex manufacturing problems with automation solutions that provide a real return to our customers.

ROI Based Industrial Automation

Reduced operational expenses, increased profits, & increased safety.

Lean Manufacturing and Systems

We design machines without parts that need to be rejected prior to the next test, inspection or assembly process.

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