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Slot, Label and Arrays Banner Sensors

Slot, Label & Arrays

Slot, label, and array sensors are specialty sensors designed to solve specific applications. Slot sensors detect objects that pass between the two arms – one with the emitter and the other with the receiver. The fixed slot width provides reliable opposed-mode sensing of objects as small as 0.30 mm. Ideal for counting, sensing parts on conveyor rails and belts, detecting edges and other applications.

Label sensors are designed to reliably detect either the labels or their backing for use on labelling equipment. These rugged, high speed sensors have a response speed of up to 40µs (12.5 kHz switching frequency) for increased position accuracy. Array sensors provide a wide area of detection with different resolutions for different sized objects. Some can reliably see objects as small as 5.6 mm or extremely flat objects such as an envelope. These sensors are commonly used for leading edge detection or Pick-to-Light applications.